These firearms are fun to shoot

There are a few firearms that are not used for hunting, not practical for a carry piece or are obsolete in a rapidly changing market. These firearms might not be the first ones out of your gun safe, but they are a blast on the range.


The .22 is one of the most popular cartridges in history. Inexpensive, low recoil and, now that has become more available, most stores carry a few selections. How many of us working men starting shooting with the mighty .22? Combine this fine cartridge with a single action revolver and a working man can spend an afternoon having fun punching holes in paper targets. New shooters will enjoy the simplicity if this pistol to learn the fundamental’s of aiming and trigger control.

The combination of the .22 with a Ruger Single Six isn’t a good choice for home defense. Reloading this firearm takes a lot longer than a double action. While pushing each casing out and then putting an unfired  cartridge in the cylinder takes time, it makes it impractical for anything besides a range firearm. This firearm could be pressed into a small game hunter if ranges were kept to 10 – 15 yards. But it really shines spending a few hours punching tiny holes in paper targets!


The American market used to be flooded with cheap model 91/30 Mosin-Nagant rifles. While this standard 91/30 model can be used for hunting, defense and range work , the M-44 model is better suited to punching holes in paper targets. The video shows the massive muzzle blast coming out of the M-44. It takes a while to get used to it and you will get some attention on the range ! This particular rifle was built in 1945 and has a heavy trigger. Shooting it is really a blast (pun intended), but this one is strictly staying on the range.

The sights are typical Mosin-Nagant, so accuracy isn’t the best. I read somewhere to aim at the belt buckle area and you might hit the target. It seems to work with this rifle. These were sighted in with the attached bayonet extended from the side and shooting it like that seemed to help with accuracy. The ammo I used was made in 1973, is corrosive and came packed in a heavy tin steel can. I have used some modern ammo in the rifle and got the same results as the corrosive ammo.

I probably won’t be walking through the woods with this M-44 with the bayonet extended during deer season. You might find me and this M-44 putting some corrosive ammo down range at some paper targets and waiting for the on-lookers to come take a look at it and possibly a few shots of their own down range.



The .380 cartridge has become a very popular self defense round over the last few years. Better bullet designs coupled with modern pistols has driven this cartridge into the main stream off personal defense. The CZ-83 pistol is not one of these new modern designed pistol made for every day carry.

A heavy steel pistol that shoots the .380 is easy to shoot at the range  and that is where it mostly belongs. Carrying a heavy pistol every day wouldn’t be an issue if it shot a heavy magnum cartridge, the CZ-83 is not one of those pistols. Since it is too heavy and bulky to carry around everyday it should remain at home for defense. Of if leaving it at home doesn’t work take it to the range! New shooters will find the mild recoil help improve their aim and grip while firing the CZ-83. If you happen to have one of these pistols at home or find one on the surplus market, punching holes in targets at the range is right where this pistol belongs.

Final Thoughts

Every firearm has a purpose. These three are just examples of firearms that can be pressed into service, but, honestly, just shooting and enjoying them are probably the best use for these firearms. These firearms fit into a workingman’s budget and are easy to find ammo to keep them fed. So if you have an older firearm you haven’t taken in awhile, please take them out and enjoy them!