Know Your Firearm

Owning a firearm is a huge responsibility. There are many legal aspects to consider, from buying, storage and licensing involved in purchasing and owning a firearm. Besides the legal issues involved there are a few other issues to consider. Knowing how your firearm operates will be key in troubleshooting problems that may arise. Having a few basic items on hand to maintain and keep your firearm operating properly is another issue to think about. Let’s take a few minutes to look at some of these in detail.

Knowing how your firearm operates  is key in carrying it and especially in keeping it functioning properly. It doesn’t matter if your firearm is a single action pistol or a tricked out top of the line AR, knowing how it operates is a huge responsibility. The first step is reading the owners manual. Some of us workingmen never, or very rarely, look inside the cover of the manual that came with our firearm. There is valuable information that is specific to your model of firearm from the manufacture. Take this important first step in firearm ownership.

Knowing the basics of what makes your firearm function can provide clues when things go wrong. There are differences if your bolt action rifle jams and if your double action pistol has a failure to eject. Clearing each of these troubles is made easier if you know what caused it and what steps are needed to clear them. There are many articles, books and videos to help any workingman that needs a refresher on their firearms. If you shoot regularly eventually you will have a malfunction of some type. Knowing how to clear it and get your firearm running again is your responsibility. Besides your own malfunctions you just might be able to help another shooter that hasn’t taken the steps you have.

Having a good supply of cleaning equipment and supplies on hand makes maintaining your firearm a breeze. I’m a big fan of the pull through barrel cleaners. A few quick pulls of the Bore Snake material soaked with solvent cleans and protects the barrel of your firearm. There are many solvents and cleaners on the market to keep your firearm in working order. Find a few you like and use them. A few moments after a trip to the range cleaning can save you time trying to clear out stubborn carbon stuck inside your favorite firearm. Keep a good supply of patches, pipe cleaners and anything else you might need handy to keep your firearms ready.

If you have an AR style rifle you will need a small kit of springs and pins on hand. These small pins are tough to find when dropped so having a kit of pins in stock will make such times easy to resolve. The AR springs do eventually wear out and you’ll probably need one at the most inopportune time.  Save your workingman time and invest a few hard earned dollars in a spring and pin kit.

One Working Man’s AR

There are many budget AR’s working men can choose from on the market today. Are you looking for a light weight, high capacity rifle that can tackle most chores? A rifle that you can have fun with at the range, teach a family member to shoot or, if needed, to protect your home? That can become quite a task if you happen to be on a working man’s budget. Lucky for us some AR rifles can be purchased at reasonable prices. The one I chose filled my need for a lightweight, high capacity rifle that can tackle most chores.

After looking around and reading up on budget AR’s for several months I decided to visit my local gun shop. They had a Smith and Wesson M&P Sport and a Ruger AR-556 hanging on the wall. Both would fit my working man’s AR needs, however, I purchased the Ruger for the reasons listed below.

STANDARD CONTROLS- Any working man that has experience military training will instantly recognize the controls on the Ruger AR-556. Using standard controls makes it very easy to train anyone to handle this rifle after just a few minutes.

EASE OF MODIFICATION– Because the AR-556 uses parts it is very easy to add new parts or update to parts you want. The top rail made it very simple to add a non-magnified red  dot scope on my rifle. The rifle comes with standard round hand guards, but any carbinelength rails can be put on in just a few minutes if you wanted to mount a light.

SPECIAL FEATURES- The AR-556 has a real nice design of removing the hand guards. Instead of fighting to pull down a ring and try to pull off the hand guards you just twist the ring and the hand guards loosen. Why didn’t anyone come up with this idea before?

Front Sight
Front Sight Post

This rifles comes with a good pop up rear sight. The sight seems to be rugged enough to take some working man abuse in general use. The front sight sits a top a milled gas block. It has serration to reduce glare which is another idea that should have been used years ago.

Pistol Grip
Improved thicker pistol grip

The rifles pistol grip is just a bit thicker than the standard A2 grip. This extra width feels better in my hand than the A2 grip, but once again it is so easy to switch out the grip in just a few minutes.


Rifle 3
A good looking Working Man’s Rifle

The Ruger AR-556 is a nice looking rifle that balances very well in the hands. It should serve any working man as a general purpose rifle, a home defense rifle or a fun way a family can spend an afternoon of shooting at the range.

The Ruger AR556 is not perfect, but for the price it brings a lot of value to the working man. The barrel is not chrome lined. At first I thought that would be a big deal, but with proper cleaning the life of the barrel will probably last longer than me. The rear sight only has one aperture. Those of us used to the mil spec dual aperture might find this annoying, but I quickly got used to one and it seems to be working just fine for me. Ruger does have it’s name all over this rifle.  The name “Ruger” or an eagle is placed so you never forget what brand of rifle you have. Not a bad thing, but it is amazing the places they have their name on the AR556.


Shoot what you have

Pistol League
Target layout at pistol league

You don’t need to go and buy $1,000’s of dollars of new equipment to get involved in shooting. I wanted to improve my pistol shooting last year so I joined a pistol league at the local sportsman club. Being a working man I didn’t have money to invest in new equipment before the first match. So for the first night of shooting I packed up my Glock 17, a box of Winchester 9mm ammo and my spotting scope. I was a little nervous driving to the range, but what awaited me was a great time with great people.

The course of fire followed the IDPA format. Ranges from 50 yards to 15 feet tested my shooting abilities. Shooting 12 rounds of 9mm at a silhouette target 50 yards away was new to me. Other shooters were shooting .22 with optics, .38 Special revolvers with and with out optics and a few like me where shooting what they had.

I felt a bit out of place at first about my workingman’s pistol during the competition.  But everyone made me feel comfortable and gave me plenty of tips and advice to help me out. My first couple of scores wouldn’t impress anyone, but over time the scores have increased. Besides my score every week I have gotten to know my pistol very well and how to shoot it more effectively. I now have a weekly goal I try to achieve before I go to the range.

Do you want to shoot better? Are you looking for an opportunity to meet new people and have fun? Pack up your working man firearm and head to the range !


Why a firearms blog?

Directly from the CMP



Why do we need another firearms related blog? My friends and I enjoy all types of firearms. Some of us like pistols, some prefer shotguns and others like Modern Sporting Rifles. We use firearms for hunting, local shooting competitions and defensive purposes. We are not wanna be SEAL Team Six members or getting ready for an expensive African safari. Most of us go hunting a few times a year, enjoy an afternoon at the range shooting at paper target. Most of us shoot monthly to be proficient with our personal defense weapons. We’re mostly just your average working Americans that enjoy our 2nd Amendment.

Many publications lately are discussing new rifle that are way out of our budgets.  I enjoy seeing the newest developments in the firearms industry and want to be somewhat up to speed if they come up in discussion. All these new developments come with a high price tags that put them out of the reach of families that are on a budget. Having the newest AR-15 rifle with a top of the line Leopold scope is beyond our working man’s budget. I know a working man can save enough money to buy a reasonably price semi-automatic rifle to protect his family, spend an afternoon shooting with his family, or shooting with his buddies. It might not grace the cover of your favorite gun magazine, but that rifle will fill all the requirements of a working man’s rifle.

I am not a weapons expert. I am not a professional writer. I’m just a working man that enjoys the many aspects of the shooting sports and found a blog might be a great way to share this with many people. We will cover many types of working man firearms, cover some ammunition and cover issues as they come up !

I will update this blog weekly and show some of the types of shooting I enjoy.