This is a blog about firearms for everyday people. I am not a SWAT team member, private security officer or wanna be SEAL Team Six member. I do enjoy firearms that I can afford and still  shoot regularly.

I have a life long love of all types of firearms.  Firearms have a special place in my life. From collecting historic firearms, using pistols for personal protection and an occasional hunting trip they are usually by my side. As a retired military person I had to carry a firearm in many places all over the world. The use of firearms in the military reinforced my love of firearms and just how they operate.

Since retiring I have tried my hand at competitive shooting. I joined a pistol league to improved my pistol shooting abilities. Recently I have shot in a few local CMP shoots trying to improve my M-1 Garand skills. I also try to keep up with the political issues involved in owning a firearm.

I welcome comments and hope readers find this blog informative, thought provoking and entertaining.