Is it Ever Too Cold to Go Shooting?

With the high temperatures forecasted to only be in the single digits this coming week I was wondering if it’s ever too cold to go the rifle range. I’ve shot the Winter Pistol League when the temperature has been as low as 5 degrees. When it’s that cold trying to get a good score isn’t much fun.

I try to dress for the weather and have as much prepared for the chilly weather so I’m not exposed to it any longer than I have to be. Learning to reload your pistol and get it shooting again with gloves on is something everyone should learn. Shooting with multiple layers and a heavy Carhart coat on is a lot different than a shirt on a warm Summer day. My biggest lesson was getting my ear protection fitting properly with a stocking hat on!

I’ve learned I can still shoot when the temperatures are in the low double digits, but when they drop to single digits and close to zero things change. Once it’s that cold I’ve found any training value is quickly lost. I start focusing on the cold instead of shooting.

Do you have a temperature you decide it’s just too cold to go to the range?

Stay warm, or better yet stay inside and reload!!

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