Cheap Ammo

Walking through a large outdoor store the other day I noticed the price of a box of 9mm was selling for $6.99 a box ! It was a large manufacture 115 grain full metal jacket in a white box. This is the same ammo many of use for practice or a fun day at the range. It was far cry from a few years ago when it was tough to find any type of ammunition at any price

!I have noticed that 9mm and 5.56 ammunition is the most reasonable. This makes sense because of the supply and demand principle. I hope this will cross over to .44 magnum and .357 magnum, but I doubt that will ever happen. Eventually I’m sure these low prices will start to raise to the level they were at a few years ago. This might be a good time to stock up if you can afford it! Just be sure to leave some for the next guy!

I thought I couldn’t reload 50 9mm for $6.99. I enjoy reloading as a hobby and as a way to get some accurate ammunition for my M-1 Garand. My time is worth something and spending it producing practice 9mm ammunition is not wise. I would rather spend it making accurate loads for the M-1 or .44 magnum.

Are you seeing the same prices in your area and are you buying a few more boxes than normal?

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