Try a 3 Gun Event

I’m always looking for a new way to enjoy some time at the range. Punching paper targets at 7, 25 and even 100 yards is my standard shooting practice at the range. This standard shooting routine can get a little boring after awhile and I like to change things up a little bit. Recently I had a chance to shoot at a local 3 gun shoot !! Not knowing what to expect I loaded up a pistol, a shotgun and a AR rifle and headed out to the range. I’m a huge fan of shoot what you have and went just with my basic firearms. The men and women at the range made me feel welcome and after walking the course with a mandatory safety brief we watched everyone go through the course for score. Most people there were pretty new to this type of competition so I felt pretty comfortable.

PISTOL stage- Using my Springfield Armory XD9 I shot 2 rounds from the left side of the barricade into 2 targets. Performed a magazine change and then shot another 2 rounds into 2 different targets from the right side of the barricade. The range was around 15 yards and there was a “friendly” target in between the two real targets you had to watch out for. Dropped my pistol onto the plastic drum and headed for my shotgun.

SHOTGUN stage- The 5 shots in this stage was a bit challenging. It had been a long time since I shot my Mossberg 500 and it felt good to bring it out again. Working from right to left trying to hit 3 3″ steel targets sitting on stands across the width of the range. Ranges were from 15 to 25 yards. One target was a falling target that sprung a clay target a few feet in the air to shoot.  Once this stage was done I headed over to my AR.

AR stage- This was by far the most difficult stage. Starting from 20 yards away trying to hit a 2 man sized targets and 2 10″ targets all while slowly backing up! This is something I’ve never tried before and my score showed it! Every was talking about this stage and admitted this is something they haven’t tried before.

Conclusion- I met some new people, had a blast and learned more about my equipment (like take the plug out of your shotgun)! If your AR is sighted in for 100 yards I would suggest shooting it at 25 or 30 yards to have an idea where it strikes at that distance.

Even though this was a local 3 gun shoot ran by volunteers and there were no experts there, people shared their tactics with everyone. Even though I didn’t do as well I hoped I would I’m going back Tuesday to change things up again! If you want to try something new in the shooting sports I urge you to try a local 3 gun shoot!


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