What to do on a cold Winters Day

Old man Winter is back in Minnesota. Limited hours of light and brutal temperatures keep most people inside for days at a time. Please don’t let this time go to waste. Instead of watching movies or taking long naps this time can be used to get your firearms in shape for the coming Spring. Here is a small list I have been using this Winter to keep busy.

I have been using this Winter to improve my reloading. I’ve worked up some great loads for my .45 ACP and .357 Magnum over the last few months.  Loading up some light target loads that are wonderful to shoot has helped me put cold days to good use. I’ve also stocked up on some loads so when the weather finally warms up I will be ready to hit the range.

Besides reloading I have found these days to be great to clean and inspect my firearms. Pulling firearms out for a quick going over and basic cleaning keeps your firearms at the ready if you might need them. On really nice days a quick trip to the range to verify a rifle zero and practice with it gets me out to enjoy the weather!

Visiting Winter time gun shows is another way to break the Winter blues. Seeing new firearms and some old ones can be a great way to spend an afternoon. Looking over tables of all types of firearms and firearms related items you might make a discovery that you’ve been looking for. Some people use these as one way to improve their collection of firearms or trade firearms they never use anymore.

Winters here in Minnesota are long and cold, but we’ve learned to adapt to them. I spend the time inside to be ready for a break in the weather to enjoy a warm afternoon at the range. If it’s been cold for a long stretch of time I find my way to an indoor range. Since it’s just a 25 yard range I’m limited to what I can shoot, but for testing some hand loads, or improving my pistol shooting, it’s a good alternative to my outdoor range. Hopefully this will give everyone a few ideas for putting these long Winter days to good use!

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