Why I started reloading.

When it’s raining or snowing outside, or the temperature drops below freezing for days on end I find ways to keep busy. Oh, I still take the dog for a walk and get outside as much as possible, but I find those Wintery days a perfect time to make some bullets! In just a few hours I can produce some accurate and inexpensive rounds to shoot from a .38 Special or .45 ACP. With the price and availability of ammo always changing reloading is one way of bringing some stability to my ammunition storage.

Even with my single stage press I find the time I spend very relaxing. By taking my time and following loading data from reliable sources I can produce the exact ammunition I need. From lower powered target ammo to some powerful hunting ammo I get exactly what I need. By choosing different  bullet weights I can match what each firearm likes to shoot for even better results.  After a long day at work the ability to sit for one hour and de-prime and resize 100 rounds of .38 Specials is priceless.

Networking with others that reload is a great source of information. Talking with others at gun shows or at the range I have learned a lot about reloading. If it’s just a tip about different things to try or experience with different powders networking with others is fun. I have gotten boxes of reloaded ammunition from some to try in my firearms. Some worked amazing and I’ve copied their data to produce my own. Others haven’t worked very well and I gave their half used box back to them.

I tried to justified the savings reloading has given me but quickly realized that probably wasn’t the case. If you shoot just a few hundred rounds a year you’re probably better off buying factory ammunition and having fun. But if you shoot quite a bit, or want better results I would suggest reloading. Once you have your press set up and running you will save money on your ammunition, but the best pay out is with the knowledge you gain and the great people that will help you in your new hobby.

So while I have saved a little bit of money reloading, I find the friendships I’ve made and the quiet peaceful time I’ve spent making my own ammunition to be the best part of why I reload.



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