Gun Show Report

Need somewhere to go on a cold Winter’s day? Need a hard to find firearm item? Need a place to walk around and look at new firearms and a few old ones? One place that fulfills all of this is your local gun show. Many gun shows are held on a regular schedule and is a great place to get to know firearm experts in your  area. Forget the idea of a bunch of old men wearing plaid shirts trying to out do each other in firearm knowledge. The gun shows I attended recently are a fun place for the entire family to spend a few hours wandering the aisles to find a treasure or two.

We have had our table of clean and sorted brass at two recent gun shows and have had a great time each weekend. The other vendors went out of their way to make us feel welcome and a few gave us a few tips about the gun show trade. Of course there are the big vendors that sell strictly firearms, but most of the vendors we talked with have a few items on one table.

One lady had non-lethal self protection items for sale. Pepper spray, bright lights and the stun gun marketed toward females were very popular. Her table was well set up and was very busy all weekend.

There were several tables of knives to look through. Most were inexpensive copies of popular styles both small pocket knives to huge machetes. I even found a British Commando knife that I just had to bring home!

Leather goods were available also. Custom made belts while you waited, holsters and leather purses designed for firearms carry were all available.

If you need ammunition for an obsolete caliber I’m sure you’ll be able to find it at the next gun show. At our table people asked for .221 Remington Fireball, we don’t sell ammunition, but pointed him to the table that had it! Old surplus ammunition was easy to find for many older rifles. New production ammo was plentiful, even some powder coated red, white and blue made an appearance. Make sure you check the prices between vendors!

Besides the standard firearms, ammunition and reloading supplies many other items are for sale. Training classes to become a better shooter along with permit to carry course sign ups were available.

So the next weekend of bad weather, or if you have a few hours to do nothing head on out to your local gun show. You’ll be surprised at the number of people and the wide variety of items for sale!

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