What’s in Your Range Bag?

Having everything you need for a trip to the range in one easy to grab bag is the first step for a good trip. Who hasn’t ran out of staples while hanging paper targets? It’s frustrating not to have a spotting scope when you need to see out to 100 yards. I solved most of these common short comings with a range bag that has the things I might need every time I go shooting. The bag is not so big it becomes a chore to carry it, but yet large enough to keep everything organized and easy to get out. Being a workingman I didn’t have a budget to purchase a hundred dollar bad for my use. I picked up a nice bag from Amazon that fits my needs and fits my budget.The following is a short list of what is inside my bag:

Range Bag Packed and Ready To Go

Spotting Scope- I use a small scope for the 50 yard stage during pistol league and out to 100 yards while shooting rifles.. My older eyes can’t see tiny holes out that far, but this light weight scope makes it easy to see shot groups. An inexpensive scope with 20 to 60 times magnification is a valuable item in my bag.


First Aid Kit– Hopefully I never have to use it, but I always have a small trauma kit stowed in my bag. Some of the places I shoot are a long distance from any medical help and this kit might save some ones life if needed.

Eye and Ear Protection– A new shooter might not have safety glasses or hearing protection and I need to be prepared for them. If someone else is shooting a large caliber rifle close to me I will double my hearing protection to save what’s left of my hearing. A small bag of Inexpensive foam ear plugs in my bag can come in handy!

Staple Gun with Extra Staples- I can’t remember how many times I’ve run out of staples while hanging targets. I finally learned and now have staple gun AND an extra box of staples!

Firearm Cleaning Kit– I have a small kit that I have used to run a patch through a rifle barrel while at the range. The small bottle of gun oil has come in handy a few times when my firearms was a little too dry. I don’t clean my firearms at the range, but I what to be prepared if me, or another shooter, needs to clean their firearm.

Pen and Paper– From my earlier post about journaling my pistol league shooting I write scores from shooting. I also mark groups on targets while sighting in optics. A pen and paper comes in handy once in awhile and doesn’t take up little space.

Tools– I always have a firearm multi-tool in my bag. From adjusting rifle scopes to clearing cases that won’t extract this little tool has come in handy for me and I’ve loaned it out many times as well!

  • 20160828_151059
    Items Always in My Range Bag

This list is constantly improving and  changing to becoming the true perfect range bag. I take the scope out if I’m just shooting pistols at close range and add other items I might need for a M-1 Garand match. But most items stay in the bag for every trip. These items are come in handy for me and other shooters that might need them.

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