One Step To Improve Your Accuracy

Every shooter wants to improve their accuracy. If it’s shooting clay pigeons, a three gun competition or just punching holes in paper targets every shooter wants to improve. I started shooting in my local pistol league last year and was not pleased with my progress. I tried a new grip and anew stance and my score increased a few points. But I knew I could do better and needed a way to track all the changes I was making. So I started a shooting journal! I would write down what I changed that week to help my score and what I still needed to do for the following week.

I kept it short and simple so I wouldn’t dread writing after every match. After a few weeks I noticed my score was slowly increasing. If I changed my grip just a little I would write it down. I moved my sights to the right and I wrote that down as well. I had problems with one stage so I placed my feet wider apart and I wrote that down as well. I would look at my score to see what worked and what didn’t help me much.

I also wanted to set goals for the next match and wrote those down as well. After every match I would journal what I wanted to improve for the next week. Most of these entries where easy steps such as focus more on the front sight, or remember to squeeze the trigger straight back every time.

Shooting every week did help raise my score, but I believe writing down my goals and what I needed to work on for the next week helped my improvement. So if your wanting higher scores, and who doesn’t, maybe a few minutes writing down before and after your match just might be one easy step you need !


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