Take Someone to the Range !

All us workingmen enjoy going to the range with our favorite firearms. The best way to improve your time on the range is to bring someone who normally doesn’t shoot with you. Last week I had a chance to bring a new shooter with me to the indoor range. Since he hadn’t shot in many years I thought a reminder was in order.

New pistol shooter !
A New Pistol Shooter


We went over the basic safety rules to keep everyone safe, set up some close up targets and then got to shooting. A .22 pistol at 5 yards was our starting point, but we quickly moved to larger calibers and further distances. The 9mm pistol at 10 and 15 yards went very well. I shared a few tips on grip, sight picture and stance with the new shooter the entire time at the range. He  did very well with the pistols (extremely good with the .357 magnum) and kept all the rounds on paper!

After a couple of pistols I thought it would be a great idea to finish off with the Workingman’s AR from a previous post. Easy to shoot, low recoil and let’s face it, shooting an AR is cool! A few adjustments on the stock, a couple magazines of 5.56 FMJ and a 25 yard target is all it took for the fun to begin.

New AR shooter !

So the next time your headed to the range please take a moment to think about someone that hasn’t been in awhile and give them a call. Remember we were all new shooters at one time, so please take it easy on them. Bring enough eye and ear protection for the new shooters with you. Take some time to explain basic operation of the firearm as well as how the controls operate. The most important thing is to be safe and have fun, because that’s what it is all about!

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