Know Your Firearm

Owning a firearm is a huge responsibility. There are many legal aspects to consider, from buying, storage and licensing involved in purchasing and owning a firearm. Besides the legal issues involved there are a few other issues to consider. Knowing how your firearm operates will be key in troubleshooting problems that may arise. Having a few basic items on hand to maintain and keep your firearm operating properly is another issue to think about. Let’s take a few minutes to look at some of these in detail.

Knowing how your firearm operates  is key in carrying it and especially in keeping it functioning properly. It doesn’t matter if your firearm is a single action pistol or a tricked out top of the line AR, knowing how it operates is a huge responsibility. The first step is reading the owners manual. Some of us workingmen never, or very rarely, look inside the cover of the manual that came with our firearm. There is valuable information that is specific to your model of firearm from the manufacture. Take this important first step in firearm ownership.

Knowing the basics of what makes your firearm function can provide clues when things go wrong. There are differences if your bolt action rifle jams and if your double action pistol has a failure to eject. Clearing each of these troubles is made easier if you know what caused it and what steps are needed to clear them. There are many articles, books and videos to help any workingman that needs a refresher on their firearms. If you shoot regularly eventually you will have a malfunction of some type. Knowing how to clear it and get your firearm running again is your responsibility. Besides your own malfunctions you just might be able to help another shooter that hasn’t taken the steps you have.

Having a good supply of cleaning equipment and supplies on hand makes maintaining your firearm a breeze. I’m a big fan of the pull through barrel cleaners. A few quick pulls of the Bore Snake material soaked with solvent cleans and protects the barrel of your firearm. There are many solvents and cleaners on the market to keep your firearm in working order. Find a few you like and use them. A few moments after a trip to the range cleaning can save you time trying to clear out stubborn carbon stuck inside your favorite firearm. Keep a good supply of patches, pipe cleaners and anything else you might need handy to keep your firearms ready.

If you have an AR style rifle you will need a small kit of springs and pins on hand. These small pins are tough to find when dropped so having a kit of pins in stock will make such times easy to resolve. The AR springs do eventually wear out and you’ll probably need one at the most inopportune time.  Save your workingman time and invest a few hard earned dollars in a spring and pin kit.

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