One Working Man’s AR

There are many budget AR’s working men can choose from on the market today. Are you looking for a light weight, high capacity rifle that can tackle most chores? A rifle that you can have fun with at the range, teach a family member to shoot or, if needed, to protect your home? That can become quite a task if you happen to be on a working man’s budget. Lucky for us some AR rifles can be purchased at reasonable prices. The one I chose filled my need for a lightweight, high capacity rifle that can tackle most chores.

After looking around and reading up on budget AR’s for several months I decided to visit my local gun shop. They had a Smith and Wesson M&P Sport and a Ruger AR-556 hanging on the wall. Both would fit my working man’s AR needs, however, I purchased the Ruger for the reasons listed below.

STANDARD CONTROLS- Any working man that has experience military training will instantly recognize the controls on the Ruger AR-556. Using standard controls makes it very easy to train anyone to handle this rifle after just a few minutes.

EASE OF MODIFICATION– Because the AR-556 uses parts it is very easy to add new parts or update to parts you want. The top rail made it very simple to add a non-magnified red  dot scope on my rifle. The rifle comes with standard round hand guards, but any carbinelength rails can be put on in just a few minutes if you wanted to mount a light.

SPECIAL FEATURES- The AR-556 has a real nice design of removing the hand guards. Instead of fighting to pull down a ring and try to pull off the hand guards you just twist the ring and the hand guards loosen. Why didn’t anyone come up with this idea before?

Front Sight
Front Sight Post

This rifles comes with a good pop up rear sight. The sight seems to be rugged enough to take some working man abuse in general use. The front sight sits a top a milled gas block. It has serration to reduce glare which is another idea that should have been used years ago.

Pistol Grip
Improved thicker pistol grip

The rifles pistol grip is just a bit thicker than the standard A2 grip. This extra width feels better in my hand than the A2 grip, but once again it is so easy to switch out the grip in just a few minutes.


Rifle 3
A good looking Working Man’s Rifle

The Ruger AR-556 is a nice looking rifle that balances very well in the hands. It should serve any working man as a general purpose rifle, a home defense rifle or a fun way a family can spend an afternoon of shooting at the range.

The Ruger AR556 is not perfect, but for the price it brings a lot of value to the working man. The barrel is not chrome lined. At first I thought that would be a big deal, but with proper cleaning the life of the barrel will probably last longer than me. The rear sight only has one aperture. Those of us used to the mil spec dual aperture might find this annoying, but I quickly got used to one and it seems to be working just fine for me. Ruger does have it’s name all over this rifle.  The name “Ruger” or an eagle is placed so you never forget what brand of rifle you have. Not a bad thing, but it is amazing the places they have their name on the AR556.


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