Shoot what you have

Pistol League
Target layout at pistol league

You don’t need to go and buy $1,000’s of dollars of new equipment to get involved in shooting. I wanted to improve my pistol shooting last year so I joined a pistol league at the local sportsman club. Being a working man I didn’t have money to invest in new equipment before the first match. So for the first night of shooting I packed up my Glock 17, a box of Winchester 9mm ammo and my spotting scope. I was a little nervous driving to the range, but what awaited me was a great time with great people.

The course of fire followed the IDPA format. Ranges from 50 yards to 15 feet tested my shooting abilities. Shooting 12 rounds of 9mm at a silhouette target 50 yards away was new to me. Other shooters were shooting .22 with optics, .38 Special revolvers with and with out optics and a few like me where shooting what they had.

I felt a bit out of place at first about my workingman’s pistol during the competition.  But everyone made me feel comfortable and gave me plenty of tips and advice to help me out. My first couple of scores wouldn’t impress anyone, but over time the scores have increased. Besides my score every week I have gotten to know my pistol very well and how to shoot it more effectively. I now have a weekly goal I try to achieve before I go to the range.

Do you want to shoot better? Are you looking for an opportunity to meet new people and have fun? Pack up your working man firearm and head to the range !


2 thoughts on “Shoot what you have

  1. ted July 20, 2016 / 6:33 pm

    you need to work on your picture taking skilss


    • workingmanfirearms July 21, 2016 / 2:17 am

      I did notice you typo… should read skills.
      I am a working man, I am not a photographer nor a professional writer. Just a blogger.
      The picture is exactly what shooter see standing on the firing line. Targets are standing 15 feet, 50 feet and 25 yards away.
      Come give it a try !!


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