Why a firearms blog?

Directly from the CMP



Why do we need another firearms related blog? My friends and I enjoy all types of firearms. Some of us like pistols, some prefer shotguns and others like Modern Sporting Rifles. We use firearms for hunting, local shooting competitions and defensive purposes. We are not wanna be SEAL Team Six members or getting ready for an expensive African safari. Most of us go hunting a few times a year, enjoy an afternoon at the range shooting at paper target. Most of us shoot monthly to be proficient with our personal defense weapons. We’re mostly just your average working Americans that enjoy our 2nd Amendment.

Many publications lately are discussing new rifle that are way out of our budgets.  I enjoy seeing the newest developments in the firearms industry and want to be somewhat up to speed if they come up in discussion. All these new developments come with a high price tags that put them out of the reach of families that are on a budget. Having the newest AR-15 rifle with a top of the line Leopold scope is beyond our working man’s budget. I know a working man can save enough money to buy a reasonably price semi-automatic rifle to protect his family, spend an afternoon shooting with his family, or shooting with his buddies. It might not grace the cover of your favorite gun magazine, but that rifle will fill all the requirements of a working man’s rifle.

I am not a weapons expert. I am not a professional writer. I’m just a working man that enjoys the many aspects of the shooting sports and found a blog might be a great way to share this with many people. We will cover many types of working man firearms, cover some ammunition and cover issues as they come up !

I will update this blog weekly and show some of the types of shooting I enjoy.

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